How does my Compadres VIP membership card works?

First you have to buy your compadres VIP membership card through Pay Pal using your debit or credit card. At that moment,  in the checkout page you have to write your email and password that will be used to create your membership account. This is we call the registration formality.

Once you have registered in our web page you are ready to go and make reservations for any activities.

The data we need from you is your Name, a valid email where we are going to send you all the notifications (reservations made, availability about activities requested by you, etc.) and  a password. This last data email and password will be used by you to enter later at any moment to manage your account or see the datails of your booking tours.

With regards to the payments that you will make through Paypal in order to buy our membership or book any activity, you have to know that we do not have access to your payment data neither store any data reference to that. As you probably already know, Paypal is the only that has access to that data and notify to us whether the payment have been made.

What do I need to buy my Compadres membership card?

Fill out our form in our compadres VIP web page: Name, Last Name, user nickname and password, and pay it by Paypal.

We can offer other methods. Just please call us and ask for them.

Can I use my Compadres VIP membership card to make reservations for me, my family or friends group?

Absolutely! Your Compadres VIP membership card can be used for a maximum of 5 family members or a group of friends.

Once I have my Compadres VIP membership card, what can I do?

You can use it as many times as you want for 2 years!! You will have a reservation form on our web page so you can make a reservation on any activity or tour of your choice at the best price in the market.

What I have to do when comes the day or time of my tour or activity?

If your tour includes transportation from your hotel or residence, please make sure that the tour operator has all the pickup data calling him enough in advance (preferably 1 day before).

If your tour does not include transportation, simply go to the meeting point indicated in the tour description page and report your membership name to the tour operator staff. 

You always will receive all the details of your reservation in the registered e-mail. Additionally you can see it in your own user account when you login.
The tour operator also receives an email with all your booking details at the moment it is confirmed: Tour hired, name, date, time, number of people, etc.

And of course for any questions or problems, please contact us.

How much money can I save by using my Compadres VIP membership card?

You can save thousands of dollars by using your compadres VIP card, you and your family will save hundreds of dollars every time you purchase tours or activities.

Do I need to access with my user name and password to purchase any activity?

Yes absolutely, once you have your compadres VIP membership card you will need to login into your account to book the activity you prefer for you, your family or group or friends.

How do I get my Compadres VIP card?

It will be delivered the day you take your first tour or activity.