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Yo Ho Ho Sunset Dinner Cruise (30% off)

VIP Price: $49.00

Tour Operator: Wild Cabo Tours

HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO PIRATES SWARMED THE WATERS OF CABO. Hop aboard our wooden pirate ship and hoist sails as part of our hands on pirate adventure. Hear tall tales of Cabo’s pirate history and secrets. Enjoy the wind in your hair and the famous Baja sunsets as you feast on mouthwatering BBQ ribs and Chicken with our galley secret pirate recipe (we pirates hate canned products) plus wines, beer or tasty cocktails from our open bar. Chant, dance and shout with our pirate crew as they show you how to have fun like only pirates can. Guest participation is highly recommended. This cruise will have you talking like a pirate for a few days but the memories will last a lifetime.

Cruise, appetizers, dinner: corn esquite, bbq pork ribs and chicken, cole slaw, corn on the cob and fresh buns.Open bar: beer, well drinks and of course grog. The best pirate show, music and games with our mc and crew




Cabo Legend is a 100 ft twin masted brig wooden sailing ship authorized by the Mexican authorities to sail the high seas with 80 landlubbers like yerself. She is a mighty ship with plenty o deck space to eat drink and be merry. Our grub is prepared below decks in our galley. Landlubberrs looking for the head (bathroom) will find both male and female heads below deck.

Since they are marine heads we recommend ye make use of the bathrooms before boarding.

The Captains quarters is off limits to landlubbers but the main salon has limited seating for those looking to escape the sun. The deck is where all guests enjoy the cruise, close to the grog, lots o space to keep watch for pirates and enjoy the fresh salt air and warm sun.

Our oath as pirates on Cabo Legend is to please our guest. An oath taken by all deckhands, corsairs, wenches and Captains aboard. No wish to big no desire to small. A cruise with us will change yer view o life (not just because of the eyepatch). Come enjoy a cruise with us and ya never know……you may never go back.

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2 hrs and 15 min

Departure Days



Summer (April to October): 5:45 pm, Winter (November to March): 4:45 pm

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